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It’s becoming harder to track the movements and different side projects of artists all throughout the internet these days, but Paul Dixon aka David Lyre has settled on a new project which has taken our eye. Fyfe is the new name and project for the 23 year old producer from London and the ‘Solace’ EP (Released April 8th) is a captivating glimpse into the versatility of this young artist. Second single ‘St. Tropez’ is such a unique venture because of the plethora of intertwining instruments which on their own seem to sound quite unconventional, but for this it just works. Soft vocals are held up by an inviting bed of synthesizers and raw, distorted stabbing guitars which are eventually appeased in a completely organic manner by a lush surge of horns. This is as close to a modern take on organic classical electronic music that we can think of. Check out the whole EP if you can, we’ve been digging it in a big way!

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