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Royal Canoe are a 6-piece indie pop outfit all the way from Winnipeg, Canada. The band are responsible for releasing layered and considered pop music which is seen as a commentary on the divergent lives and contradictions of their home town. The unique meshing of traditional alt rock and psych rock layers underpinned by pop hooks is what immediately drew us to the sounds of the band. Gearing up for an LP release of Today We’re Believers in June, the band have also been given high praise for their frenetic live shows, and more recently the live rendition of Beck’s much talked about Song Reader series. The track we feature today ‘Hold on to the Metal’, was released a little while ago, but is a perfect example for us as to why Royal Canoe are ones to watch. It’s tribal drums, filtered electronic looping and piercing guitars work in unison with the lead vocals to create a euphoric pop anthem which we’ve been listening to for days. Days, I tell you.

Today We’re Believers is released through Roll Call Records on June 25th.

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