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When we first started this crazy journey back in October 2009, we released Neon Love’s (RIP) amazing (and highly under-rated EP) ‘Keep Us in the Dark’. For their EP tour, Neon Love decided to tour the east coast of Australia with (the also highly under-rated) Comic Sans (RIP) from Queensland. The Melbourne show of this tour was also the first ever I OH YOU house party which we held in our backyard (Brighton St 4 lyf).

This tour went on to spark friendships that have lasted to this day and will no doubt last many more, it also resulted in old friends quickly being introduced to new friends and ideas being swapped and bounced constantly. Through this exchange of friendships we met the ‘Tang Bangers’ who are a group of extremely talented (and often high) individuals who also make up bands like The Cairos, Last Dinosaurs, Gung Ho, Dune Rats and Millions.

The Tang Bangers are a group of kids who are ridiculously talented in various fields. They write amazing music. Have great ideas. Support each other like the way friends should.

I’m really proud to say I know them.

Click here to hear Gung Ho’s new single Twin Rays – it’s fucking dope.
Click the photo above to go to the Tang Bangers new facebook page.

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