Fresh Juice


By April 18, 2018 No Comments

On occasion, Spotify’s Discover Weekly can produce the goods and in the context of today’s Juice, the goods have most certainly been produced. Enter Hip-hop aficionados Jean Grae and Quell Chris. I’m sure many of you recognise the aforementioned but for those of you who haven’t heard of Grae and Chris, I’d strongly encourage you to explore their long and eclectic catalogue. There is a chemistry between these artists that is as intriguing as it is unlikely. Chris and Grae individually have worked on some really cool projects in the past but this collab feels special, no perhaps authentic is a better fit. Yea let’s go with that. Chris’ lugubrious laid-back swag serves as a nice contrast to Grae’s sharp clean-cut cadence. Without babbling on any longer, the track in discussion is called My Contribution To This Scam and it’s featured on a recently released on a conceptual album called Everything’s Fine.

My Contribution To This Scam is a microcosm of the album it’s featured on. What I mean by is that much like the other 14 tracks on the album, today’s Juice takes aim at contagious complacency and the superficial stereotypes that have nestled into the fabric of contemporary society.  A few examples raised in the track include how these days, many white people believe the n-word is warranted in certain situations or the oversaturation of Instagram models that you can’t seem to avoid in your daily scroll. Trading satirical blows, Chris and Grae’s peculiar chemistry finds a home in a swampy minimalistic soundscape. This song has refused to leave my headphones in the last week and I’m sure if you give it a few goes you too will have the same problem.