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By April 17, 2018 No Comments

I sure do like a double single release. Which is good, because lots of cool artists now release two singles at once. It makes sense, I guess… like, who doesn’t like doubles? A few of my personal favourite doubles are: doubles tennis, double-features at Astor cinema, double rolls of toilet paper, double decker beds (you may know them as “bunk beds”) and working double shifts at Woolies. So yeah, anyway, the lovely Good Morning lads have released a new double single release from their soon to be released debut LP. It’s actually their second double single release from the album, so it’s like a double double single release… I think. Um, yeah, so ‘For A Little While’ and ‘Just A Man’ are two of the duo’s (or double’s) more melancholic tracks. With the addition of keywork and sax on ‘For A Little While’, the guitars are subdued, creating this lovely lounge-y vibe. ‘Just A Man’ is also very laid back, but features more of that patented Good Morning twang that’ll get ya swayin’. It’s a double dose of good and that’s a double I can really get behind. *Note to editor, please insert a thumbs up here, thanks, Tom*

Stream the double alongside the other double below:

Good Morning’s new LP, Prize // Reward is out May 11 via Bedroom Suck / Remote Control.