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Anatole Medlow Bath

The Fresh Juice office has been bubbling with excitement this weekend. Okay, it’s just my bedroom. And it’s just me that’s excited. But you will be too after reading this. First, we get a new James bloody Blake album and now, our homegrown electronic trailblazer Anatole has announced his highly anticipated debut record, Emulsion. With the news, the artist also known as Jonathan Baker dropped the album’s opening track, ‘Medlow Bath’.

Named after a small town amongst the Blue Mountains, ‘Medlow Bath’ is a continuation of Anatole’s hot form, following last years’ singles ‘Outgrown’, ‘Only One’ and ‘Emulsion’. Building from a tender piano riff, Anatole calmly adds soft, shaky percussion and stirring twinkles in the distance. The acoustic atmosphere is swiftly terminated with an ear-stabbing drop of the best kind. Yep, ear-stabbing can be a joyous experience.

Just prior to the second big ole burst of synths, a gasp can be noticed. I guess Anatole was pretty surprised with how effortlessly he could transform a near-classical arrangement into an electronic burner. I suppose it is that good.

Emulsion arrives 15 March via Mercury KX.

Emulsion Track-list:

  1. Medlow Bath
  2. Only One (feat. IDA)
  3. Like Deep Water (feat. Olafur Arnalds)
  4. Emulsion
  5. No Ritual
  6. Outgrown (feat. Tom Iansek)
  7. Forest for the Trees
  8. Split
  9. Step and Step (feat. Tracey Chen)
  10. Wring
  11. Creature (feat. Braille Face)
  12. Indigo
  13. Roselion
  14. May Not Know