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By February 5, 2019 No Comments

Look, I’ll be the first to be admit, that I haven’t really been the biggest listener of Mallrat or Basenji so far in my life. And I mean that with no shade, seriously, they’re both ridiculously talented, and let’s be honest, Mallrat’s ‘Groceries’ was the best track in the Hottest 100 Top 10 by far. BUT that ends today world, because their new colab, ‘Nobody’s Home’ is a grade-a pop bop. Personally what I think makes this is the combination of the Basenji’s airy production, with Grace’s earnest, melancholic vocal delivery. There is a deeper undertone, the lyrics illicit a familiar feeling, of dancing around an empty house thinking about that person you’re really into. And yet, the bouncing, perfectly placed beats are fucking straight up danceable. The first truly beaut pop track of 2019.

‘Nobody’s Home’ is out now via Dew Process.