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By June 19, 2017 No Comments

Today’s Freshly Squeezed or should i say blended Juice, is courtesy of New Zealand singer-songwriter Aldous Harding. A month ago today, Harding dropped her second nine track LP, Party  and on it, is a track called Blend which we’ll be having a lil look at this evening. But before we do, let’s, very briefly, highlight some cool things about Harding’s artistry. Now admittedly i’ve never seen Harding live but from live reviews i’ve read and film clip/ live recordings i’ve seen, it’s pretty clear that our featured artist is a real natural performer. Taking today’s clip below as an example, Harding’s sharp movements and the range of different emotions she portrays through facial expressions, makes me envision Harding upon a stage of a different kind.

Now if you associate Aldous Harding with her recent single Horizon then Blend will give you an idea as to how dynamic a vocalist Harding is. Harding has such remarkable control over her voice. If you listen carefully you can hear the softest of quivers in her delicate delivery. In fact it’s a little difficult to comprehend how she is able to sing on such a razors edge. Perhaps it’s the fact that she shares a similar first name with another well known wizard, I dont know. With the support of a soft understated guitar, some nifty lil production effects and a few steps on a high-hat peddle, Blend’s soundscape perfectly accommodates Harding’s voice placing it right where it needs to be;  at the centre of your attention. If you like what you hear, i suggest giving the rest of Party a spin; you won’t be disappointed.