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By June 16, 2017 June 20th, 2017 No Comments

If you haven’t heard Julia Jacklin’s latest track I truly envy your position heading into the weekend. There is nothing better than coming across a great song on a Friday as the two day break gives you ample time ample time to familiarise yourself with your recent catch so you can sing out of key to the lyrics by the time Monday comes around. The Blue Mountains songstress has continued to tear through the Aus music scene with her latest single Eastwick which serves at a nice afterthought from her 2016 debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win. With the abundance of great music that pops up everyday it’s crucial to keep your fans and critics at bay with new music; especially for an artist like Jacklin who has made as much of an impact as she has. 

Jacklin reminds us just how delicate her voice can be with a soft vocal melody she shares with a few light strums of electric guitar. When I first stumbled across Jacklin’s music, her unique talent in storytelling instantly struck a chord with me. It’s one thing to have a nice voice but the ability to captivate your listener with engaging/emotive narratives takes your music to whole other level and you can hear Jacklin flaunt these skills in Eastwicks lil prelude. If you’d be so kind as to indulge in my comparison- and I do hope you don’t find it blasphemous- but i detect traces of Jeff Buckley’s Lilac Wine in Eastwick. This graceful introduction slowly but surely gains momentum gradually shifting gears to enter some pretty rocky terrain. Upon a strong foundation of Bass and drums that guide Eastwick, Jacklin and her/an (not sure who’s playing) electric guitar really let loose which I must say, caught me by surprise when I first heard today’s Juice. Let’s hope Jacklin has some more surprises up her sleeve.