Fresh Juice


By July 3, 2017 August 31st, 2017 No Comments

Alex Cameron’s first single of 2017 has got me rummaging through the old mans wardrobe in search of a faded pair of flared jeans or a worn out (preferably) white wife beater. Alex Cameron officially kicked off his solo career last year re-releasing his highly praised debut LP Jumping the Shark. Whilst Cameron personifies a fictional character that could best be described as a nomadic, failed entertainer, the music he makes certainly negates any notion of failure. If you happen to be in possession of an old vintage car, say a Valiant or a Volvo, I suggest you save this track for a sunset and an open road. And if that feels a little cliche or cringe worthy then perhaps the process of taking the drive will help you better understand vagabond character Cameron is embodying.

A sloppy bass line is quickly joined with a few sincere keyboard chords that create the nostalgic backing track for Cameron to ride Death Valley into Sin City. Smoking darts and strutting with a little too much confidence through the streets of Vegas, Cameron’s lyrics, guided by his heavy baritone growl, is undoubtedly the key ingredient in today’s Juice. With a few howling guitars here and an emotional yet understated harmony there, Candy May is one of Cameron’s cooler songs to date. Cameron’s romantic story winds to a close with a rather triumphant sax solo in the background and Cameron awkwardly dancing in an empty motel carpark.