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Hi there, hope you’re well.

Here are three good reasons to get around this new single from Alex Cameron. Find them below:

  • ‘Stranger’s Kiss’ is a as close as you can get to the perfect Australiana ballad. From the guitar lines, the raw, earthy rhythms, the uplifting keywork, the warmth that seems to encompass the whole thing creating an 80’s tint and that sax. Oh my, it’s dripping with influence from Australia’s greatest pop moments.
  • It features Angel Olsen. Like, if that doesn’t shoot this thing into the stratosphere of brooding storytelling, I don’t know what will. Olsen provides exactly what we would expect, powerful yet restrained vocal work. Poetic, raw and kinda dark.
  • The below clip. This fucking clip. Directed by and starring Jemima Kirke of Girls fame alongside Cameron. Kirke stars as Cameron’s number one fan, infatuated to the point she looks startlingly similar to the musician. It’s one of the most creative and spot on clips I’ve seen in a long while.

Alex Cameron is a true Australian auteur. Writing a story that we can’t keep up with, no matter how hard we try to get inside his head.

Tom (on behalf of I OH YOU)

Alex Cameron’s new album, Forced Witness, is out September 8 via Secretly Canadian.