Fresh Juice


By April 10, 2018 No Comments

If you’ve kept your peepers fixed on the blog recently – and let’s face it, you’d be one silly sod not to have- you’d know that we’ve reviewed a fair few Alex Cameron tunes over the past few months. If, for whatever reason, your attention has been diverted, you need not apologise. Simply remount the proverbial horse and we won’t have any problems moving forward. The horse, in this case, is Cameron’s new film clip to a track called Studmuffin96.

Some of you may be questioning the expiry date of today’s juice. And seeing as today’s track has been out while now you’re well within your rights to. But what you may not question is the algebraic law of a Fresh Juice, which is as follows: A fresh ingredient (new video) + a timeless track (Studmuffin96) = a Fresh Juice.

I could give my rundown of the video but I feel as though the love interest and director of the video Jemima Kirk would do a much better job. Kirk described the clip as “a coming of age story about the bleakness of a fantasy realised. A young woman is reunited with a man from her past, and an attempt at romance ensues. But regardless of their efforts their only common ground is a laundromat and a motel room”.

One more thing. If you haven’t seen Al Cam live before then you need and have the chance to mend this wrong. Cameron is about to embark on a national tour with Body Type! (See dates below for further details). I was fortunate enough to see Al Cam earlier this year at his Laneway sideshow and I gotta say it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Al Cam and his enigmatic business partner/saxophonist Roy Malloy were flanked by Jack Ladder and Holiday Sidewinder- two incredible artists in their own right. The crowd’s reception in Sydney was truly spectacular and made me realise that I probably wasn’t the only one in the room whose number one played song of 2017 featured on Forced Witness.


Show dates:

Thursday, April 26 | The Foundry, Brisbane
Sunday, April 29 | Manning Bar, Sydney
Wednesday, May 02 | Amplifier Perth
Thursday, May 3 | The Croxton, Melbourne VIC