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By April 11, 2018 No Comments

We’re inching ever so closer to what I’m calling ‘the best album of my 2018 and/or life’, with Forth Wanderers’ upcoming album dropping on April 27. And while that means I still have another three weeks of listening to their small-ish discography over and over, the newly Sub Pop signed U.S. five-piece have been nice enough to dish me a third single – ‘Ages Ago’. Although the track is short, it seems to stick around for a while. Vocalist Ava Trilling doesn’t rush through her story of an ever-changing lover, and it allows the instrumentation space to breathe. It has the same anthem-esque moments of their previous work, but with a melancholy air surrounding them. Another fine piece of songwriting for this young group to add to their repertoire. The best album of my 2018 and/or life can’t come soon enough.

Forth Wanderers’ Self-Titled LP is out April 27 via Sub Pop/Inertia.