Fresh Juice


By October 5, 2017 No Comments

If today happens to be your birthday, then I have a brilliant birthday present for you, the captivating new single from ALLUME. Aptly named ‘Birthday’. If it’s not your birthday today, you’ll probably still like it. The Adelaide based multifaceted artist has been bubbling away over the last few years, creating these wonderfully subtle soundscapes – and ‘Birthday’ feels like a logical step forward. Muted and hazy vocals fall in out deep in the mix, whilst a simple key line drifts across – building this truly tranquil sonic experience. It ebbs and flows, Elena Nee’s delivery ethereal and captivating, but not overpowering… Then it’s over… and you feel better for it. Its hypnotic arrangement and meditative effects are like a massage for your brain. I’m dead serious, I feel great now. I’m gonna go write like 53 more articles now – cya!

Image: Jonno Revanche