Fresh Juice


By October 4, 2017 No Comments

I’ve said this before (probably to a group of people who really were disinterested in listening to me talk about music), but Melbourne’s Eilish Gilligan is one of the most interesting pop artists we have in this country in 2017. Her new single ‘Creature of Habit’ is a perfect example of why. With it’s slow building and spacious arrangement (keep a keen ear out for the absolutely stunning synths towards the end), the track forces the listener towards her vocals. Leaving yourself exposed like that is a super impressive and powerful move for such a young artist, and yet, Eilish is doing it every time. Her dulcet tones and huge range is immediately soothing, and her execution conveys so much emotion. It feels raw and honest, and is worthy centerpiece for any track. ‘Creature of Habit’ will bubble along into your brain, and you’ll be desperate for another hit of Eilish in no time. Seriously, watch out.

‘Creature of Habit’ is out now.