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By November 2, 2017 No Comments
Anatole Medlow Bath

If you’re looking for gorgeous soundscapes today from two of the country’s most interesting songwriters, then look no further than this new cut from Anatole. The Sydney producer has gone and pulled one of the moves of the season, by bringing in the insane talent that is Tom Iansek (from Big Scary and the greater Pieater family). The result is ‘Outgrown’, a shimmering, intricate production with a powerful vocal delivery. Once again, Anatole has proven that he knows how to combine his classical knowledge and apply it to an electronic soundscape. With it’s soft keys, emotive string section combining with it’s skittering samples and beats – it feels like an exploration rather than a song. Chopping, changing, stopping, starting – it’s fluid, it’s moving (in more ways than one) and it’s so fucking engaging. Throw on Iansek’s building vocals, creating urgency and yearning – and it’s a certified banger. If there was any track that was going to blow this young producer all over your radios, it’s this one. Mark my words, this will be big.

Anatole’s debut LP is out early next year via Mercury KX.