Fresh Juice


By November 1, 2017 No Comments

Melbourne’s Braille Face has a history of creating slow burning, emotive, captivating pieces of music. Although you’d say his music falls into a broad as hell spectrum of electronica, it’s not often we see the multi-instrumentalist branching out into the club world. But his new jam ‘Faraway’, is, well… a fucking jam. Production wise it feels like a pulsating house track through and through, with skittering percussion and warm throwback synth lines. The difference here is Braille Face’s vocal work, with it’s soaring falsettos it creates another emotional tale for the listener. So you can dance to it, but also feel something. And that’s exactly what I want from my club tracks. Laters, I’m off to cry in the club. Which is… pretty usual for me to be honest.

‘Faraway’ is out now via Spirit Level.