Fresh Juice


By October 31, 2017 No Comments

A perfect track record is pretty damn hard to come by, but in the young lifespan of Sydney quartet Sunscreen, I’m yet to hear a song that I haven’t thoroughly frothed. Sunscreen are one of those bands that possess the unique ability to seamlessly transition from genre to genre making their sound rather difficult to define. With that said a distinctive feature in Sunscreen’s music and one that inherently links one track to the next is the effortlessness that oozes out of every song they’ve released. But don’t be fooled by their lazy Sunday-vibe swag, their music is no walk in the park. Sunscreen’s unique and often complex compositions boast the band’s remarkable musicianship making it hard to believe two things: 1) There are only four members in the band and 2) that they formed only last year! Today’s featured track is called Tide and it’s your Monday Freshy.

Starting with a Cure-like vibe Sunscreen quickly shifts gears, maintaining the same momentum established early on whilst giving you the impression that they’ve slowed the pace down due to the introduction of the 1/4 timing on snare- a pretty solid example of their unique ability in crafting complex compositions mentioned earlier. The song then proceeds to a call-and-response type exchange with the difference in each singer’s vocal tone complimenting the others rather nicely before coming together for a nice lil harmony in the chorus. What stands out for me in today’s Freshy is lead singer Sarah Sykes’ vocal range, the control she has over her voice is unbelievable and sounds as good on record as it does live. Tide also shares some sonic qualities with the Go-Betweens, a band they sight as a major inspiration for their music. Today’s Fresh is good as it gives you a new go-to track to listen to between now and the release of their forthcoming ep due Nov 17 via Dinosaur City Records and Spunk Records.