Fresh Juice


By October 27, 2017 December 1st, 2017 No Comments

Today I stumbled on something is not just the opening line of your Friday Freshy. It’s the thought that drifted through my head early this morning after hearing King Colour’s hazy new single, Lost My Cool. In lead up to their forthcoming Mood Lighting ep- due Feb 2018- all four members of KC have collaborated with members of SCK CHX and Jermango Dreaming, to launch an exciting new artist-led record label, Yeah Nah Yeah Records. The collective’s objective, in part, is to create a culture that focuses on the exploration of psychedelia through both sound and colour.

Lost My Cool is a multilayered dreamer that refuses to remain stagnant- constantly shifting tempo and tone without warning. That catchy lil hypnotic riff you hear at the beginning of the track serves as a base for the psychedelic jam that ensues. My favourite element of Lost My Cool is the scrupulous, Tame-like precision of the drums. They help ground the track, ensuring it doesn’t drift too far into space, working nicely to juxtapose the lugubrious, cosmic vibe. A perfect track to get your weekend started. Check it out below.