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By October 25, 2017 No Comments

A couple of weeks ago I said that Porches’ first cut of 2017, ‘Country’: “doesn’t do much to stop you wondering about what will come next, but this emotive taster is a brilliant start.” Now Aaron Maine is back with ‘Find Me’, which you could probably call the first ‘official’ single to come from his new LP, The House. The wondering can now stop, leaving behind an awe for his unique songwriting. ‘Find Me”s initial moments feel disjointed, as a 90s rave beat pulsates whilst Maine lets every line out slowly, elongating each moment. It’s jarring to listen to, and yet, it’s immediately captivating. Someone in the Youtube comments called it “Be Apart 2.0”, which I get, this isn’t the first time Porches has positioned subdued poetic vocals against pounding bass – but as soon as you reach that house sax, oh man, you’re in another world. The chorus, with whirling synths, stabbing percussion and that cyclical sax – it’s an intoxicating experience. Alongside another very well curated set of visuals, you’re left wondering how the fuck someone can manage to create something so melancholic in nature, yet have it feel at home as a club track. Two tracks in and I already want to call it the album of 2018.

The House is out Jan 19 via Domino Recording Co.