Fresh Juice


By October 24, 2017 No Comments

Bloods’ new track Bug Eyes reminds us just how much we’ve missed this Sydney trio. Whilst they’ve been busy gigging around the country for the last couple of months and it’s only been just over a year since they released Bring My Walls Down my patience has worn thin. “Just over a year? Chill out mate, that’s not too long ago” I hear you murmur. But I only tasted Blood for the first time last year and now I’m impatiently fiending for more. The band have just announced a tour with Veruca Salt in March next year, and will soon be releasing the dates for their own headline shows for the end of 2017.

Around the bush Bug Eyes does not beat. The three-piece set the pace almost before you press play with noisy, cymbal-heavy drums that come crashing right out of the gate alongside a catchy riff that sporadically pops up here and there. Bug Eyes share some of the redeeming qualities that shone through in Bring My Walls down. Both tracks woo you with subtle, sweet vocal harmonisation, that works nicely in texturing an already multi-layered sound. Today’s Juice is packed with a youthful energy that is perfect for summer that awaits.