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By April 24, 2017 No Comments

Now that Au.Ra are tracking towards to their second LP, it seems a redundant to say that these guys used to be in beloved Sydney act, Parades. But just in case this is your introduction, these dudes used to be in Parades. Okay, anyway, ‘Applause’ is the first taste from Au.Ra since 2015 (when they released the dreadfully underrated Jane’s Lament). I first listened to this one whilst staring out into Melbourne’s CBD from a tram on the way home from work, I’m not sure why, but it was weirdly the perfect soundtrack to the experience. As I slowly panned up and across the skyscraper sprawl, the spacey, whirling synths and the drawling vocals really set a dystopian scene for me. I must say this is a bit of a builder, and really takes it’s time to make an impact – but once you hit that 3 minute mark, everything changes. What felt like shoegaze inspired melancholia, quickly became a personal anthem. You can’t help and get swept up in the continuous motion of “no it doesn’t matter” and apply it to whatever shit is going on in your life. Depressing as hell, but oddly uplifting at the same time.

Au.Ra’s sophomore LP, Cultivations, is out June 30 via Felte.