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By April 22, 2017 No Comments

I like to tell people that I think Melbourne’s Baro is one of the best hip-hop artists in the country*. He has a history of flipping his style continuously, and also has a truly impressive live show – one that seems to take shape as something more like a Jazz Quartet than a hip-hop show. His latest single flips it again, and for a solid percentage of the track (yep, that’s right, bringing MATHS into it), Baro is backed by a chugging, rock riff (wave goodbye to those lazy hip-hop beats, kids). The live instrumentation is a lovely touch, fluid and subtle, allowing Baro to move from ballad-esque, spoken word, R&B, pop and garage-y vocals. I can’t put my finger on each change up, so I’m just gonna give up at this point and let you listen to it. Sue me, whatever, I don’t own anything worth money anyway.

Baro’s new EP, ‘Problems’ is out May 19.

*Who am I to tell anyone anything, my opinion on most things doesn’t mean shit.