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By May 23, 2017 No Comments

Babeheaven are a quintet out of West London that I think, should escape the cold and move to/tour Australia so I can hear them play live. Selfish and unrealistic? Perhaps. But their new track Your Love is so fulfilling that I feel all you Juice heads living in Aus agree. With the help of Queens artist Deem Spencer, the pair have created an introspective, memorable love song that places us in their debt. Due to its catchy melodies, versatility and wholesome flavour, Your Love is being thrown in the blender.

With what sounds like a xylophone, Your Love starts soft and smooth setting the mood for the brooding love song that ensues as lead vocalist Nancy Anderson states from the get go “I don’t know about your love any more”. This theme of irresolution resonates throughout the track and becomes a little more potent with Deem Spencer’s delicate, short-lived verse, providing a nice change in pace/ flavour. Light pitter-pattered percussion fades as the track progresses;  allowing the synths and string sections to take hold. Short shreds of electric guitar are scattered throughout along with distant harmonies that give Your Love some really nice texture. The video also gives the track nice visual as well.