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By May 22, 2017 No Comments

It’s be a while since this guy has poked his noggin out of his shell (pardon the lame comment). Scottish producer Jon Cooper, better know as Turtle has broken his silence with a new track titled Blood Type. Having never heard any of Turtle’s music before, it took me a while to discover what this Glaswegian was about. Typing Turtle – Blood Type into google, as you can imagine, spawned a lot of irrelevant information. Nevertheless I found my target and have since added many of his older tracks to a number of different playlists.   

Blood Type is a soothing remedy for the Monday blues and will set you in a fluid motion for the week ahead. After hearing todays Juice for the first time, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Turtle and bands like Air/Massive Attack. The symmetrical loop that opens and closes Blood Type has a hip-hop vibe that if fleshed out, could be a nice beat for someone like Tariq Trotter from the Roots to lend a few bars to; but everything in between this loop is what makes Eliza Shaddad’s voice perfect a perfect fit. With a simple head bobbing beat, Turtle weaves Shaddad’s mesmerising voice through soft synths and ambient sounds that trickle and echo throughout this hypnotic, ambient soundscape.  

Turtle’s forthcoming album, Human is out June 30.