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By May 19, 2017 No Comments

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from Grizzly Bear but today’s Juice sees the NY four piece break their silence. Having made a very strong statement with their 2012 LP Shields, we, fans of the bear, have been eagerly awaiting a follow up album for us to sink our teeth/claws into. Whilst we will have to wait till August for their album to drop in it’s entirety, GB have released a new single, Mourning Sound, which should tie tie us over for the next few months.

Mourning Soul has a nice driving feel to it. Not sure if you’ll know what I’m talking about but there is a Mitsubishi ad on tele at the moment that is one of the more infuriating songs for an ad I’ve ever heard. It repeats, “We’re living in the back of the carrrr” over and over again. So annoying! Anyway, my point is that I think todays juice would be a much better fit for a car commercial than the aforementioned. Mourning Sound is packed with ghostly harmonies that quiver beneath a simple bass line, and basic but powerful synth melodies that sporadically pop up here and there. The electric guitar is rather hard to hear but the acoustic guitar is a nice touch and breaks the intensity of the track nicely. Looking forward to hearing what else the Grizz is packing on the rest of the album. 

Painted ruins, Grizzly Bears forthcoming album is out August 18.