Fresh Juice


By December 15, 2017 No Comments

There is nothing more frustrating then when a Fresh Juice falls by the wayside. I’d equate the feeling of frustration to dropping a two dollar coin down the narrow crevice that separates a centre console from the drivers seat right before ordering an item of the loose change menu at Maccas. A truly horrible feeling. That’s why I consider today’s Juice a special one. A few weeks ago I mistakably passed on the opportunity to squeeze Bjork’s beautiful new track Blissing Me… At the time I wasn’t really feeling it but after a few spins it dawned on me just how special it was and by then it was too late. Then, a few days ago, I woke to the news that Baltimore artist, serpentwithfeet had given the track a lil tweakin’ and just like that a rare second opportunity presented itself. Serpentwithfeet is pretty out there. If you haven’t heard of him before I suggest after sipping this juice you check out some of his music videos to get a proper feel for the depth of this dudes artistry.

Now to the Juice at hand. Ever so eloquently Bjork welcomes us with her saccharine voice. She then leaves the track momentarily making room for the serpent who seamlessly slithers into the soundscape leaving a strong first impression with his dynamic vocal range. Not much is needed in way of instrumental support on Blissing Me, some sparse synth work, a nice lil harp melody and some infrequent bass that provides emphasis on my favourite line in the chorus “I don’t have enough clothes to dress all the people I’ve become”. Man, such a nice line and delivered with a health dose of 90’s RnB! Perfect. Much to my surprise this song is pretty conventional. Authentic, no doubt, but I thought when these two linked up it would be a lot more avant-garde. But hey, no complaints from me!