Fresh Juice


By December 19, 2017 No Comments

If the title of today’s Juice looks familiar and the song too rings a bell, chances are you’re a pretty big Car Seat Headrest fan. If not then perhaps after hearing today’s Juice you may be encouraged to take the necessary steps to change that (like i have). The American singer-songwriter has delivered some bangers in the second half of 2017 but none quite as tight as today’s Fresh Juice. The track in question is Beach Life-In-Death and it’s a nuanced reworking of the Headrest’s (if I may call him that) 2011 track of the same name. Now I must admit that up until last week I was pretty sceptical of artists redoing their own material. My naivety led me to believe it was a lazy way of saying that you’d “released new music”, but seeing as the last two tracks I’ve squeezed have been reworkings I guess I’ve debunked my own myth. We live and learn.

Todays Juice sprawls over 13 minutes which is a minute longer than the original and whilst you could definitely coin both tracks as Lo-Fi, today’s rendition sounds a little more refined than its predecessor. Today’s track also shows just how versatile Toledo’s aka Headrest’s vocals are. Early on his voice is calming in a Jack Bourke kinda way only a lot messier. But as the angst builds amidst a heavily distorted guitar/ drum combo, Toledo shows off the command he has over his voice with a soaring, unbroken “Ohhhhhh.” A nice contrast in pitch and style. Just when you think the song is too far gone Headrest (so funny calling him that) ropes it back and the Juice is reduced to a slower more controlled jam with yet another segment of the song to come a few minutes later. There is a lot packed in to Beach et al. so I won’t bore you with all the minor details but give this track a spin and if you dig it then keep an eye on the ol’ Car Seat cause if the second half of 2017 is any indication as to what’s to come then chances are we will be hearing more from Toledo soon.