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By March 30, 2019 No Comments

In the modern age of alternative music, you’d have to say it’s almost impossible to build a career without releasing any music. Especially when success is now equated to how many Spotify playlists you get yourself into each week before your album release. And yet, there has been an enormous amount of buzz (hate that word, but oh well) about a band that has almost released no music. black midi are quickly becoming infamous, purely off their electric live performances. So much so, that their 2nd track to drop ever, came with an announcement of a signing to Rough Trade.’Crow’s Perch’ is the 3rd track to drop ever, and is a blistering cut that seems to mould elements of math rock, post-punk, krautrock into a frenetic burst of energy. The math-ier elements allow the track to ebb and flow alongside lead vocalist, Geordie Greep’s yelps, before reaching a crescendo of walls upon walls of distorted sound. There is a bubbling of big post-punk sounds coming in 2019, and black midi seem to be leading the crusade.

Strobe Warning on the below vid:

‘Crow’s Perch’ is out now via Rough Trade/Remote Control.