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By March 24, 2019 No Comments
Lizzo - Tempo

It’s been an unequivocally massive week for new tunes. Thursday, Flume, a long-time favourite of I OH YOU, made a much-anticipated comeback with the Hi This Is Flume mixtape. Then, on Friday… well you can probably guess what the fuck happened… yeah, Tame Impala dropped their first new original track in four years. With these two Aussie legends dropping music, it feels like we’ve been transported back to 2012.

For me, all the hype behind those releases has been overshadowed. That’s because I’ve been pretty busy hitting repeat on the new Lizzo and Missy Elliott track ‘Tempo’. To be honest, this is really the first Lizzo song I’ve ever been really into. The previous singles such as ‘Juice’ and ‘Boys’ have generated plenty of excitement, though I’ve never really got it. But that has changed. I get it now.

On ‘Tempo’, Lizzo takes a step away from her funky and energetic RnB, trading it for a straight up catchy hip-hop smash hit – it’s tailor-made for Missy Elliott to jump on. Missy’s verse is short, sweet and will give you a giggle. Lizzo’s formed a reputation for being a fucking boss, and she only adds to that status here. It’s a banger.

Lizzo’s third record, Cuz I Love You, arrives April 19. Pre-order it here. Stream ‘Tempo’ below.