Fresh Juice


By March 29, 2018 No Comments

I don’t know if I’d call BODEGA, Dance Punk per se, but on first listen they sound like they were born into the world of LCD Soundsystem and could easily share the stage with most DFA Records affiliates. The New York bred five-piece have a post-punk shout-y vibe about them, and evoke the same tongue-in-cheek attitude of garage heroes like Parquet Courts. ‘How Did This Happen?’ seems to be a bit of a war cry, it’s got a lot of hot 2018 references in there, and with its high energy and low-maintenance soundscape – it’s pretty damn easy to get into. It seems like they’re touching on all the right elements of those they’re influenced by, to place themselves in a great spot for the future. They made some noisssssseeeeee at SXSW, so expect more of them soon.

‘How Did This Happen?’ is out now via What’s Your Rupture?. 

Photo Credit: Mert Gafuroglu