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By March 28, 2018 No Comments

I always feel a bit overwhelmed after SXSW. Not because I actually went, no, who’s actually gonna pay for me to go? I get overwhelmed because so many blogs and people are telling me (read: the public via Facebook posts) about the ‘next big thing’ or ‘hot sound’ (I don’t think anyone actually uses those phrases, but you get the idea) from the many showcases. Lindsey Jordan, aka Snail Mail, is one of the acts to get mad buzz from SXSW 2018. And if you were worried that the buzz was overzealous, her latest single ‘Pristine’ proves that theory wrong. ‘Pristine’ is the perfect mix of catchy pop guitar lines, thrashing instrumentation and thoughtful vocals. Jordan’s vocals could easily go the way of the high energy sounds around her, but for the most part, they’re restrained, allowing her poetic lyrics to flow with ease. That’s before it all comes crashing down, and she allows the emotion to take over, a beautifully crafted mess to complete a great track. It shows real poise as a songwriter and that’s a fuckin’ dime a dozen. Keep your eyes on the post-box, because you’re getting more Snail Mail this year.

Snail Mail’s debut LP, Lush, comes out June 8 on Matador.

Image Credit: The Fader