Fresh Juice


By March 26, 2018 No Comments

I’ve heard Amen Dunes’ new track floating around for the last week or so and I figured it would be rude for me not to squeeze it. Dunes is a singer-songwriter working out of New York and has been delivering his unique brand of indie, folky goodness for the better part of a decade. Whilst his earlier work is good, I BELIEEEVE that his latest material is his finest work yet. If you’re into Boy and Bear or Cloud Control I can pretty much guarantee you’ll dig this track and if not there’s still a good chance you’ll vibe it. Your Fresh Juice for March 26 is called Believe.

Believe is a real sprawler. It’s one long story that stretches just shy of 6 minutes. Folky tracks similar to today’s Juice often get their message across by reverting back to a chorus or a hook but that isn’t the case with today’s Juice. Believe’s soundscape is guided by a restless, melodic electric guitar that doesn’t follow any particular pattern but rather subtly evolves throughout the duration of the song which is a really nice point of difference. It kinda feels like you’re listening to a time-lapse. Rounded off by sharp harmonica interludes that pierce Dunes’ serene vocals and a loose shakey drumbeat that fills in the gaps today’s Juice is the perfect track to get you in the zone for the week ahead.

Believe is the third single off Amen Dunes’ forthcoming album Freedom which comes out March 30.