Fresh Juice


By March 22, 2018 No Comments

I’m not sure if I know what a spaghetti western actually is, but I feel like this new cut from our very own (Australians love to claim ownership over anything remotely good from Australia) Gabriella Cohen would be perfect for a spagbol western. ‘Baby’ has this delightful twang in it’s guitars, hugely infectious vocals and a proper upbeat vibe throughout. It’s poppy as hell, but just so far away from modern day pop. It’s rough as nails, rocky road and  rooot-toot-tooting good time, and it has a ripper outro complete with horns and accompanying chorus line. If her first work was considered lo-fi, this new stuff is high definition lo-fi. Gabriella Cohen is bringing a big sound, so you best be ready.

Gabriella Cohen’s new LP, Pink Is the Colour Of Unconditional Love, is out Friday 1st June via Dot Dash / Remote Control in AU & NZ and Captured Tracks for the rest of the world.