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By August 2, 2017 No Comments

I feel like Bully are a fantastically underrated band within Australia. I can’t go further than that as ya know, they signed with Sub Pop so someone overseas is clearly into them. They’re a ferocious, young band, with a powerful soundscape and a truly passionate energy. Annnnd, that’s very evident on their latest single ‘Feel The Same’. The first cut from their second album, this one is another hectic experience. Coming in at a fraction under the two minute mark, frontwoman Alicia Bognanno controls the track. Splitting herself in two, the first half of ‘Feel The Same’ showcases a restrained vocal delivery, a melancholic as she is swallowed up by the thrashing instrumentation. In the second act, it’s all let loose and Bully frantically blast through the climax of noise. Australia, it’s time to throw yourself on board. Bully aren’t here to fuck around.

Bully’s sophomore album, Losing, is duo October 20 via Sub Pop Records.