Fresh Juice


By August 1, 2017 No Comments

POW! Negro is a real shock to the system. Comprised of six members and based out of Fremantle these dudes have just released a six track EP that will have you busting moves you didn’t know were in your arsenal. I think it’s a real compliment to a band when you struggle to put a finger on their sound. It’s Jazzier and not a heavy as RATM but still has a level of ferocity to it. They are heavier than Fat Freddy’s with a stronger dose of hip hop but still possess the same soulful energy as the Kiwis do. The allure of today’s Juicy group- as you probably can tell- lies within their idiosyncrasies; their unpredictable style enables them to shift gear at a moment’s notice having a profound impact on your eardrums. As I thoroughly enjoyed all tracks on the EP I struggled to settle on a single song for Tuesday’s squeeze but thought it best to dissect the second track- Hold My Tongue as I think it provides a nice insight into the nature POW! Negro’s sound.

Starting with a slow psychedelic groove and a few softly spoken words from the soulful side of POW, the track quickly bursts into a guitar driven jam creating a frenetic energy that I can see myself giving another punter a solid shove too should they make the mistake of breaching my personal space in a mosh. Taking it down a few notches the guitar takes a back seat to a soulful sax that serenades its listener beneath a few distorted bars spat by the group’s MC Nelson Moondlane. If you dig what you hear I suggest you give the second single Money For Portraits a spin.