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By July 31, 2017 No Comments

I read a rather distressing report earlier today conducted by the University of Sydney’s Women, Work and Leadership Research Group that discussed how women are “chronically disadvantaged” in pretty much all sectors of the music industry. What perhaps was more upsetting than the report itself was the fact that when I first read the headline pertaining to the report, I wasn’t the least bit surprised at this ugly reality. The gender inequality exists for both the artists and the women behind the scene trying to make their move in the industry and if you’re wondering what this has to do with Monday’s feature artist – Emma Davis then bare with me. The report found that female artists receive less airplay on some key Aus radio stations than men and that female artists are less likely to feature on festival lineups than their male counterparts. With that being the case Emma Davis’ unique talent distinguishes her from the rest of the pack and places her in a pool with many other amazing up and coming female artists whose aptitude won’t allow them to be left off radio playlist or festival lineups.

Getting Better is an honest and relatable song. Before appreciating the message behind the lyrics I was drawn to the gradual build Davis sets in motion early in the piece. The crunchy percussive samples, subtle synth melodies and her own vocal harmonies paint an earnest picture of the emotions expressed in the lyrics and neatly fall into place as the song progresses. The trumpet that pops up here and there is also worth a shout out as it too plays a key role in the ethos of the song. Digging this come back track by Emma Davis and keen to hear what else she’s got cooking. Cool vid too.

Check out the aforementioned report – Skipping a beat here.