Fresh Juice


By July 28, 2017 No Comments

“It’s Friday, and I feel like lying down on a couch, reading Harry Potter (I’m currently re-reading them) and listening to some extremely chill dream-pop. Oh what’s that? Alvvays have dropped a new single? Oh shit, it’s one of the tracks that got recorded during their 2016 Coachella set? Whoa, okay, I’m keen. These guys have a penchant for creating truly dreamy soundscapes, and if their last single was anything to go by, it’s going to once again demonstrate the depth in their songwriting and instrumentation. Ooh, these synths are very warm, very 80’s ballad-esque. Molly Rankin is nailing these vocals, restrained, yet showcase the deep emotion linked to the lyrics. This is all very soothing. I might just throw this on repeat all arvo. Yeah, nice one. So glad this is out right now.” – Me, talking to literally no one as I’m by myself at home.

Alvvays new album, Antisocialites, is out on September 8th via POD/Inertia.