Fresh Juice


By July 31, 2018 No Comments

I’ve been on the Portie Bus for a while now, and as it starts its decent towards its latest stop, Everything In Quotes “LIGHT”, I am raring to get off and take a tour around the surrounding area. That’s if his latest single, ‘Find A Way’, is anything to go by. The track retains those dark, emotive moments of his previous work, but there are elements of disco and straight-up-and-down-no-fuss house in here that help create a super upbeat club track (it’s probably why the EP is called “LIGHT”, right? Did I figure it out?). The abrasive nature of the early stops on this tour have definitely smoothed, leaving a beautifully refined, club ready soundscape for us to explore. As long as we get back to the bus by 8am, it won’t leave without us. Sweet.

Everything In Quotes “LIGHT” EP is out August 3 via Future Classic/Pieater.