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By August 6, 2018 No Comments

Have you ever wondered to yourself: “where have the 90s gone? I feel like it’s really not the 90s anymore.”¬†Well, I’m here to give you some damn good news! Your mate, and Melbourne producer, Null, has literally brought the entire 90s back to you. And the best bit is, the whole decade is neatly tied up in this seven minute journey, ‘Innocence Module’. Being born in 1992, I don’t actually know anything about the 90s, so I’ve taken these genres from some internet research: “late-90s trance, early-90s hardcore breakbeat and acid, and experimental electronica”. And yep, Null is hitting them all. Watch out for this beautifully placed line that will totally remind you of every early-2000s pop jam you loved too.

Watch the insane Cubex Godhands directed VR enabled video below:

Null’s debut LP, Med, is out in October via Enhancer Records.