Fresh Juice


By August 9, 2018 No Comments

There’s so much to like in ‘Someone Loves You’, the second single from Melbourne newcomer, Comedown Party. And each time I sit down to listen to the track (yeah, I sit down to listen to music when I really want to¬†experience¬†it, what of it?), there’s a new reason why I’ve fallen in love with it. At first it was the skittering percussion and production prowess of such a fresh act (self-produced, Simon Lam on mixing duties). Then it was the emotional power of the vocals, in the same vein to why Ginla are so exciting. Then I felt like the actual lyricism offered this Australiana vibe which bounced off the soundscape around it. And finally I got caught up in the emo-guitar-riff towards the end (I’ve been listening to a lot of Title Fight recently, so anything remotely heavy is getting me right about now). Eventually though, I just realised I should stop thinking about why I love this track and write it down. Welcome to my diary.

‘Someone Loves You’ is out now on the Internet.

Photo Credit: Hamish Mitchell