Fresh Juice


By February 28, 2018 No Comments

At first I thought Couture was a footwork, house inspired duo from Melbourne, consisting of Hamish Mitchell (of I’lls) and Simon Lam (of also I’lls and Kllo). But then, I realised Couture was a nutrient extraction process. And then, I was sure Couture was a social media marketing team from Toronto. And at one point, I believed Couture was a soul transcendence methodology. Then I reckon Couture was a clinically tested dose of 12 billion live probiotics. Surely I didn’t see that Couture was a 10 step program to unrivaled success in life, love and business, right? I swear I saw that Couture was even a level crossing removal project at one stage.

But with ‘O.H.M.’ it turns out that maybe Couture is all of those things… maybe Couture is even a way of life?

Couture’s debut two-track, O.H.M. / Racerback is out March 19 via Solitaire Recordings.