Fresh Juice


By February 26, 2018 No Comments

New York-based producer Nicolas Jaar is a stalwart for experimental music. Delving deep into foreign genres and regularly releasing music under different monikers, Jaar is a true master of disguise and is always challenging conventions and critics by stretching his ‘sound’ beyond recognition. Whilst this is an admirable approach to creating an eclectic legacy, I’m not overly into the experimental side of Jaar’s catalogue. Call me old fashion but hour-long avant-garde tributes to John Lennon are not really my cup of tea BUT due to the countless bangers linked to Nico’s many projects I’ll always check to see what he has cooking. And on that note let’s have a geez at Jaar’s latest track, This Old House Is All I have, released under the alias – A.A.L (Against All Logic).

This Old House Is All I have is the opening track on A.A.L’s new album, 2012-2017 and for good reason. An ominous wall of sound engulfs the first minute or so of today’s Juice instantly grabbing your attention. Just when you think there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, a groovy lil guitar-driven disco beat emerges and the soundscape shifts from baleful to beautiful. Soulful vocal samples keep in line with the disco feels but explosive synths pierce the groovy rhythm creating a nice contrast of sound. Don’t be afraid to crank this one and be sure to give the rest of 2012-2017 a listen.