Fresh Juice


By February 23, 2018 No Comments

Spike Vincent – Juiceheads, Juiceheads Spike Vincent. Many of you are probably sitting at home wondering what the fuck you just read and that’s completely fair enough. To avoid any further confusion I was formally introducing you- the Juicehead(s)– to an artist emerging out of Sydney’s thriving post punk scene who goes by the name of Spike Vincent. A lil over a week ago Vincent released his self-titled debut album and it’s safe to say that Spikey V is set for an exciting year. It’s not everyday you come across a debut performance as strong as this one so savour it, sip it slowly and keep in mind that Lisp – aka your Friday Freshy – is one of 6 dope tracks that feature on Vincent’s new album.

First Impressions are very important so it’s a good thing Vinny opened his album with Lisp. Wasting no time, Vincent throws you head first into his whirlwind of emotions. Surrounded by a fuzzy electric guitar and a heavy downtempo drumbeat, Lisp’s soundscape is heavy and restless. Minor shifts in percussion and sporadic shreds on guitar are the kind of subtleties that really stand out on Lisp, not to mention the hypnotic melancholic vocal delivery that too shifts pitch mood from verse to verse. Be sure to keep a sharp eye on this guy in 2018 – expecting big things.