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By May 16, 2017 No Comments

Dianas’ new track, Heart of Me is as smooth as it is nostalgic. Based in Melbourne this surf pop trio released their debut self titled album in the second half of 2015 which saw them receive a warm reception online. After taking some time off last year, it seems the trio have returned with a new fire as their latest offering feels more complex than what we have heard from the three piece in the past. On that note, I’ve always had a lot of adoration and respect for trios. Whether it be Silverchair, Muse or todays Fresh Juicy focus, filling a seemingly fundamental gap in a rock band with such ease is testament to the musicians that make up all three pieces of the puzzle.

As mentioned earlier, the Dianas have stepped up their game musically as the production on Heart of Me provides todays Juice with an endless fluidity. Keeping it simple with understated percussion and a dreamy guitar, the Dianas intertwine their vocals to create a watery blissful harmony. This simplistic laid back style, the trio Chanel in Heart of Me, along with the retro clothing enables one to draw some comparisons both sonically and aesthetically with Seattle four piece Chastity Belt. I’m sure we will be hearing from these three again soon but if you want a nice two for one, the Dianas will be supporting Allah Las this Friday in Melbourne.