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By May 12, 2017 No Comments

English electronic duo Mount Kimbie are one of the many artists that have marked 2017 as the year they will muscle their way back into our playlists with new music. Prior to a single they dropped last month, it’s been four years since the pair have graced us with new music and todays Juice is probably not the Kimbie you’re used too, but certainly a Kimbie you’ll be happy to get to know a little better. Whilst it’s difficult to label these dudes, their last two albums, for the most part, were most definitely designed with a dance floor in mind. That’s not to say you can’t move to their new music but it’s certainly a slower- and i’d say smoother- groove then the two step we’re used to employing when say, Carbonated or Made to Stray comes on.

Marilyn’s soundscape is crowded with wavey synths, wind chimes and that trademark ambience that seems to be synonymous with Kimbies sound. Resting mainly on the ride and high-hat, Marilyn’s percussion is basic but maintains a steady pace and rhythm, which- along with the sensual vocal feature from Micachu- ensure you dont drift to far into the space. Whilst Mount Kimbie have not announced a new album, they have mentioned they have “Lots of new music” in the works. Check out the track/video below.