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By April 10, 2019 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

Hey, can someone hit me up and let me know why Eilish Gilligan isn’t the next big pop thing in Australia? Like, come on, have you heard her new single, ‘Keep Up’? Her ability to take a track from a meloncholic to an all encompassing stadium filling ballad is truly special. The track feels raw and honest, offering a glimpse into a personal part of a life (from Eilish’s own life, I’m not sure). These are feelings we’ve all had in relationships of all kinds, and its the approachableness of her stories, alongside the glorious production and truly powerful voice, that makes an Eilish release an incredible release everytime. So come on Australia, let’s make Eilish Gilligan our next pop export. She is already that good.

‘Keep Up’ is out now. Find it ON THE INTERNET.