Fresh Juice


By April 8, 2019 No Comments

The days of indie-dance are behind us, and many of the stalwards of that generation are also long gone. BUT, there are a few artists that have pushed through the barriers that scene placed on their sound. Robyn, Metronomy come to mind. And Hot Chip, are of course, one of those artists. I mean, with one of the biggest names in modern-day house and songwriting superstars in the fam, how could they stop making club hits? ‘Hungry Child’ is much of the same, filled with the emotive vocals of Alexis Taylor and pop touches in all the right places, but they double down on the house production, courtesy of Joe Goddard. The track sprawls over its 6 minutes, and in rinsed with familar melodies and beats of club tracks come before. It’s undiably catchy, hitting that perfect middle spot between a straight up house jam and an alternative pop track. One for the heads and one for the Triple J cherubs.

PS. this is defs my favourite clip of 2019 so far. Incredible.

Hot Chip’s new album, A Bath Full of Ecstasy, is due out June 21 via Domino Record Co