Fresh Juice


By April 3, 2019 No Comments

Want a track that will simultaneously kill you and bring you back to life and then send you back to heaven (tbc if real)? Then you should meet serially under-rated songwriting machine Simon Lam aka Nearly Oratorio. If you don’t know the name then head to Kllo or I’lls in your spotify and then come back to me. His background and releases across these three projects have definitely centred themselves around the electronic sphere, Kllo the R&B influenced jams, I’lls the deep and intricate electronica and Nearly Oratario, the airy and spacious melodies. However, ‘Juniper’, takes things to further and more delicate. You’re immediately struck by the intamcy of the production, the warmth of an ever-so-slightly warped piano line, tape hiss and paired back vocals, almost whispered in the background. The production will make you want to cry, but the lyrics are so lovely and honest. Suddenly Lam has taken this project into the world of Bon Iver, but a way less self-indulgent version of that world (shots fired?). Stay tuned for more heart warming/breaking tracks to come from a perfectly apt new EP called A Comforting Fact, due in mid-June.

A Comforting Fact is due w/c June 10 via Solitaire Recordings.

Artwork: Hamish Mitchell