Fresh Juice


By June 22, 2017 No Comments

I love tracks that suck you in within the first three seconds. It’s kinda like how social media experts say that people only watch three seconds of a video on Facebook. Like is that how fucked our attention spans have become? Looks that way considering how much music I give up on after listening to three seconds. Anyway, this new cut from Melbourne’s elkkle got me real hard real quick, and I can guarantee I’ve listened all the damn way through. ‘Diderot’ is probably the best opportunity we’ve had to really fall into his own vocals. He has a truly interesting tone, it’s deep, melancholic – yet in this jam you can feel the strain, that’s how hard he’s pushing. Alongside the warped sampling and scattering beats, elkkle offers an emotive experience. Captivating and powerful, ‘Diderot’ is a great example of the worlds of dreamy R&B and analog beats colliding. I’m very ready to get more elkkle soon.